In Someone Else’s Kitchen … (a journey outside my comfort zone)

May 24, 2011 Hi Chef, In an effort to expand my culinary capabilities, I am considering taking the time during our off-season (July/August) to stage with a chef that inspires me. As one of those chefs, I was wondering if you ever offer opportunities like that. If so, I would love to talk to you […]

Women Chefs and Restauranteurs

“Garden” First night, restaurant is open, and I am “on the line”. Well, working it anyway. I have been assigned garde manger with JP, an extern finishing CCA. My task tonight is to plate one salad and to plate desserts, about 150 times. At first I felt like I was only in the way. My […]

Italy 2006

Ten days, nine dinners, eight lunches and several breakfasts July and hot. Really hot, the sweaty kind, not like Phoenix, but lose your appetite and remind yourself to eat (not a usual issue for me). But I can’t lose my appetite – I’m in Italy, so I find myself walking everywhere, taking the stairs when […]

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