Cooking ClassesWhy do Chef Laura’s students continue to make time in their busy schedules to attend her classes?

Let them tell you in their own words…

“Chef Laura’s style of instruction works well whether you’re experienced or new in the kitchen. Her classes are a fun, informative and great way to spend time with your friends!”

Sherry C. – Paradise Valley

“As she chops, whips and mixes, (Chef Laura)… keeps up a steady patter that is part recipe instruction, part kitchen science and part entertainment.”

Toni Laxson, Writer, AZ Tribune, October 5, 2005

Whether your goal is to learn technique, the history of food, or new recipes for bored mouths, Chef Laura will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Classes are held in the Celebrated Cuisine Kitchen, in host kitchens around the valley and can also be held in your own home, if desired. Each class can support up to 14 students and is designed to teach classic and modern techniques that can be applied whether you are preparing a four course dinner with wine or a simple supper featuring the backyard barbeque.

All classes are entirely hands-on to guarantee a rewarding learning experience. Knives and utensils, food, and recipe packets are all supplied by Chef Laura.

Taking the art of instruction one step further, Chef Laura also hosts cooking parties, getting everyone into the kitchen to create a unique, fun-filled get together that will be memorable for years to come. Chef Laura does the grocery shopping, makes wine suggestions and provides all the necessary equipment, creating a party that is effortless for the hosts!

All classes held in the Celebrated Cuisine kitchen range from $35 for demonstrations and $75+ hands-on, per person, menu and class size dependent.

Included in all classes:

  • Recipe packets with step-by-step ingredients, quantities and procedures, and list of equipment required.
  • Where-to-buy guidance for hard to find produce and high quality meat and seafood.

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